Using the FBLike plugin

I been having questions about how to position the FB like button for a while and decided that instead of telling everyone how to position the button I could write a post on the subject instead.

I made this plugin to be as simple and flexible as posible. in order to do that what I do whenever I use it on a website is to use css or some javascript to position the button wherever i want it to be.

CSS based example, suppose the button has the id

#button-container-id { position:absolue; top: 20em; left: 30%; }

or if using javascript and jquery

    var placeholder = $('#button-placeholder-id').offset();
    if( placeholder ) {
                position: 'absolute', 

in the js snippet you are supposed to have a placeholder div with an id that is positioned wherever you want the button to appear


Excluding Components and Views

you can exclude components and views in the plugin parameters with the following format.

that would exclude all the views in component1 and just view_name in component2, be careful to use the url parameters as view names.


4 comments on “Using the FBLike plugin

  1. from where did you get the plugins anyway? is that supporting joomla 1.6? 😀

  2. how do you exclude a component or article? it is not clearly taught

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