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Did you ever wanted to add the famous Facebook like button to anything but contents? most joomla plugins that implement this feature are for contents only. and i needed em everywhere!

This is a system plugin, and is meant to appear on every page, i made an exception system to avoid showing the button on specific components and views. In the plugin’s configuration you can add one component name per line (it should be the option GET value) and also in case you need to exclude just an specific view

http://informalthinkers.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/winzip.gif download: Facebook Likes Plugin (2.23KB)
added: 10/01/2011
clicks: 10973
description: Facebook Likes Plugin, thsi plugin adds a Facebook Like button to any joomla page

I just pushed the code into a git repository, feel free to get it from there and send code there


48 comments on “Facebook like general joomla plugin

  1. Great work, thanks for this.
    Would be great to have an option to exclude from front page.

  2. Thank you,
    actually you can exclude a component and/or a component view
    you just need to add the component and the views to be excluded to the plugin config


    would exclude the frontpage view

  3. Hi, you said i can move the button, I use jcomments and wants this on the top of that…
    can you help me?

    which .css should I change?

  4. you have to add some css rules to your stylesheet to qmove the button, you could use the container for the button to use absolute positioning, or some javascript that repositions the button wherever you need it.

  5. you could exclude every single component but the com_content component and frontpage view, but in that case would be a lot easier to use some module with the code handwritten for the button and show it on frontpage.

  6. Congratulations, excellent plugin does exactly what I needed without any configuration. For a while with twitter? Thanks

  7. Thank you! I don’t actually need a twitter plugin right now, but should be pretty easy to add a twitter feature to this plugin or make another similar to implement the tweet this button

  8. Good afternoon, and a plugin like this, but to share facebook. Anyone know?

  9. Hi Esteban

    Same query as Julio..;-).. can’t figure out where you have defined the css for the fblikecontainer.. would really help if you could point me in that direction so that I could place the like button above the jComments

  10. Hi, I haven’t included any css in the plugin. You should add it youself in your template.
    The rules you need to use are pretty simple. You only need to use the position absolute or some other means of positioning that element

  11. hi,
    sorry to bother you all
    but didnt get any thing…. can you plz give me some example page etc…
    i had install it sucessfully…

  12. no problem! if you installed the plugin succesfully and the plugin is enabled (check the plugin administration) you should see a facebook like button at bottom of your pages

  13. Great jog and very usefull
    is it possible to choose which image will appear on facebook?
    Case yes, please explain it to us all

  14. I installed it very easily. It comes up on each page. I pressed like and my little fb image came up, but also so did the wrod “error” in red next to the liek button and the message :

    The page at http://www.mummylicious.com.au/index.php?option=com_content could not be reached.

    anyone any ideas as to what that means?

    Went on to my fb profile and didn’t see anywhere where it says that I like that site, is it meant to or not really?

    thanks so much 🙂


  15. i think you might have stummbled on a bug, I think I never used it without SEF Urls, I’l fix it ASAP. Anyways you should consider to use some sort of user (and search engine) friendly urls


  16. The fblike does not validate as clean html….
    I did some changes to the code:

    $html = ”;
    $html .= ‘get(‘style’);
    $html .= ‘&show_faces=’ . $pluginParams->get(‘faces’);
    $html .= ‘&width=’ . $pluginParams->get(‘width’);
    $html .= ‘&action=’.$pluginParams->get(‘verb’);
    $html .= ‘&font=’. $pluginParams->get(‘font’);
    $html .= ‘&colorscheme=’.$pluginParams->get(‘scheme’);
    $html .= ‘&height=’.$pluginParams->get(‘height’);
    $html .= ‘” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none; overflow:hidden;height:80px;”>’;
    $html .= ”;

  17. You have to use & in sted of &, delete the allowTransparency=”true” and delete the tag.

  18. Installed plugin successfully, but no link anywhere….however, the HTML now has:

    What am I missing – I see mention of having to add to my template, or CSS adjustments, but just installing has given no output at all. 🙂

  19. hi esteban
    thanks for this great plugin.
    my question is about the position of the plugin. is it possible to let the plugin appear in a module.

  20. sorry, i forgot to tell you where to place the plugin. if you go to http://www.ferien-in-fuessen.de – see the main-navigation, below the “home” button where the white flower is. this is modul-position user1. can i put it there? i already tried just to write “fbLikes” inside the text-area but it did not work. what does the trick? can you help?

  21. Hi William, thank you for your comment. I am working on a post about using and specially positioning the button. So stay put! will be available soon.

  22. Great, love it, easy to install works well. One question. How do I get it to appear in EVERY article on menu item that is “Articles » Category / Blog.” Currently on my blog page, it only appears once at the bottom, but I would like it to appear under each article on the blog page.

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  24. Great plugin – like others, I also would like to move the positioning to a specific module position. Hoping you’re still planning on posting some instructions – would be even better to just be able to choose the position like other plugins/modules.

  25. On the first sentence it looks like it was correct but if you look closely i cant see the point of this..

  26. This is a great plugin!! Congratulations for it. I would sugest more control with the plugin, at least have the control to show the “Like” at the bottom, or at top. Most of likes buttons show at top.


  27. I’m sorry but I still cannot figure out how to make the button appear at the top of the pages instead of the bottom. Could you please give an example of the code to use in the template css to get it to change positions?
    Thank You

  28. What a great plugin!!

    What syntax do I use if I want to exclude article id = 82 ?

  29. Good day Esteban,
    Question I’m trying to change the setting Show facebook profile faces from yes to NO but when i save it in Joomla is flips back to YES..
    And do you have a post about using and specially positioning the button already?

    Thank you, kind regards,

  30. Hi Esteban,

    Thanks for the nice extension, I’ll rate it in the joomla extension section. I have a question about the plugin. Is it possible to set the image (like a logo) that is displayed on the facebook wall of the liker? It seems to pick a random one now. This could give some wierd results (like images used for layout purposes etc).
    Cheers, Jade

  31. You should probably need to change that in the plugin code so it uses the options you want. I still haven’t had time to finish the post on how position the button, but anyone with some CSS knowledge can do that.

  32. at least as how it is the plugin now you don’t have a way to exclude an specific item, you can exclude one or many component and if you want exclude some specific views.

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  34. Ok to have this plug-in over the content simply via ftp open plugins/system/ than find fblikes.php and download and edit.
    Find line 66 and replace it with this
    $html = ”;
    Save and re upload.
    Via ftp go to your template file find template.css and add anywhere:
    #fbLikeContainer {position:absolute; z-index:9999; top: 0; right: 0;}
    Save re upload and enjoy 🙂
    PS. thanks for great plug-in

  35. $html = ‘(div id=”‘.$container.'” class=”fbLikeContainer”)’;
    replace ( with <

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