AddThis Plugin for JoomlaPlugin AddThis para Joomla

I just made this plugin to use it on some of my own projects. I know there are others that do exactly this, but i could not find em at the time and was easyer to just write it.

Hice este plugin para Joomla para usarlo en algunos de mis proyectos, se que hay varios plugins que hacen exactamente esto, pero no logre encontrar rapidamente ninguno de los que me servían, asiq eu fue mas simple escribirlo desde cero.

Also this plugin can be used to add any kind of code to the contents, maybe Intense Debate comments,  AdSense, Analitycs or whatever code you may need to add.

If you have any suggestion to add to this plugin do not hesitate to contact me.

Off course this plugin is under GPL. download: AddThis Joomla Plugin (1.79KB)
added: 22/06/2009
clicks: 2373

Además este plugin puede usarse para agregar cualquier codigo que uno desee, por ejemplo comentarios de IntenseDebate, AdSense, Analitycs u otros.

Si tienen alguna sugerencia sobre que mas se podría agregar a este plugin, no duden en contactarme.

Por supuesto he liberado el plugin bajo GPL. download: AddThis Joomla Plugin (1.79KB)
added: 22/06/2009
clicks: 2373

23 comments on “AddThis Plugin for JoomlaPlugin AddThis para Joomla

  1. is there any way to add the addthis code (for tracking & branding) to your plugin? BTW, I had problems with the addthis plugin available from THEM – it was showing up in eventlist, and sobi for some reason… even after I uninstalled it, I still see it in SOBI cats… weird huh..

  2. Hello Esteban,

    Thanks for this plugin, I’m interested in particular in its ability to add any kind of code to the contents. Would it be possible to display it in particular categories/sections and not in the Article Categories in Blog format?



  3. Hi! thank you everyone for the comments,

    to john mcintosh: yes, you can change the code to wharever you want to use. there is an option in the plugin config.

    to yaser: i havent used mambo since joomla started, drop me a line if you want me to build this plugin for mambo

    to oursvince: yes, i would be posible, it may only need a few changes, you just have to change the plugin type to system, and add some code to show it only when the components you want to track are shown. Drop me a line if you need help with this.

  4. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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  6. Simple is always best! Tried lots of other plugins (including the one from Addthis) and they all were a pain. This is simple and to the point — very helpful.

  7. Hi, I was able to migrate your plugin to Mambo, as mambot. It isn’t so good as I wished, so I wont’ publish it yet. Although some updates will be available on my site, “”. It is mostly in portuguese, but I’ll try to keep some parts in english, mainly regarding this.

    Thanks to share it as GPL.


  8. How come you don’t use it on your site? Also, do you have a demo area to see it in action? I get nervous when the programmer of a piece of software doesn’t even use it themselves. I’m sure you understand. Thank you.

  9. Hi, this is a blog made in wordpress, not joomla, so i can’t use it here. i develop in many different platforms and joomla is just one, wich i like but for some other kind of websites.

  10. Greetings, i merely me write-up and let you understand your site layout is really ultimately nice

  11. Buenas Tardes, instale el plugin en mi joomla 1.15 y al publicar elplugin me desordena el cuerpo de la nota, es como si me la repitiera, tengo que hacer algo mas o hice algo a medias

    Espero tu respuesta, dejare activado el plugin para que veas como aparece

  12. Finally, I found the information I was searching for. I have been doing research on this subject, and for two days I keep entering websites that are supposed to have what I am looking for, only to be disappointed with the lack of what I wanted. I wish I could have located your web-site sooner! I had about 30% of what I needed and your website has that, and the rest of what I need to complete my research. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  13. Excellent website! I thoroughly enjoyed your content material …very properly written.

  14. How can I use it to add a Facebook Like button?
    -> Your Facebook Like System Plugin looks good, but I don’t feel good to add the like button every page of my site

  15. I understand, you could try generating the facebook like button code on the facebook developers site and copying the code in the pugin config. but I am not sure that it is what you really want.
    also with my facebook plugin you can exclude all the unwanted pages as explained in the post.

  16. AddThis provides two additions for Joomla! The component contributes an AddThis key to the design of the site, usually in the sidebar. The plug-in allows you to add the key to the body of the site where the content is proven.

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