Creating a game from scratch

I have been working on iOS development for a year, and now I feel is time to try something new about it, game development.

I won’t give a tutorial about how to write a game, there are plenty of those posts elsewhere, and all of them have way more experience writing games than myself.
I want to talk about how to approach game development from my point of view, as indie developer trying to create a casual game. So far these are the steps I took.

  • The Idea this should be the first thing, just after you tinkered with some game framework of tryed some dummy games ideas from a tutorial
  • Framework investigate what kind of tools are available in the market
  • First Mockup the very first version of the game, this might not be a good one, but should be enough to try the idea for real
  • Design pretty and neat design, enough said
  • Second Coding iteration

The Idea

The basic idea for the game should be simple, I’ll start thinking about casual games. The kind of games that you can play for hours or less than five minutes.

I got a simple and doable idea, might not be the best, in fact it doesn’t matter


Since we already have an idea, we can start guessing what kind of features our game will need to have, 2d or 3d? do we need physics?

After reading a lot on the subject I decided for cocos2d and chimpmunk. The reasons are simple, I like free software and the libs seems to be stable enough.

First Mockup

The first mockup doesn’t need to be nice, it just needs to work, we can think later about generic solutions for problems. I think it’s best if you can have it working in less than two days, so if it results to not be as nice and we imagined, well it’s just a weekend that we expended on that, and not three months.


Now that we know that the idea is doable, and we are still convinced that it’s worth it, it’s time for a design.

Since I am not a designer, and I am really bad choosing colors, I got a good friend to work on the design for me, so not much else to say about that, unless I convince him to write something here.

Second Coding Iteration

This time is serious, it’s time to tidy up the code, make it look pretty and remove all the parts that made you feel dirty when you wrote them. You may also have acquired some more knowledge about the framework so take the chance and rewrite or refactor whatever needs to be changed


I can’t give you any kind of conclusion other than I am having fun doing this, the reason to write a game should always be to have fun while doing it, unless someone is paying you lots of money, in which case it doesn’t matter 🙂

I am planning to write more on the subject after I release the game, I will be also trying to learn about the positioning and marketing of a game, so stay tuned, more to come soon

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