04 Jul 2018

And we are back!

oh well, we've never been really gone, but we haven't updated at all in a while.

Back online

So it took me quite a while but I’ve been wanting to start this website from scratch again for a while now. And here it is, basically I don’t want to mess around with a CMS for my own website anymore. I don’t change it that often, and if I decide to do that for me is easier to change code than go through an admin panel.

This website is based on Jekyll (a static content generator) and so far I think is awesome I really enjoy writing for this platform much more than wordpress (or joomla), but hey that’s me, is not that the others are worse, is that for my specific use case, feels easier.

I’ll be publishing some new content and some reformatted old one in during the next few days. I hope you all enjoy them.